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Meet Max, our club mascot.

Max lives in the neighborhood near West Side Park.  It seems whenever horseshoe pitching is going on Max comes down to see what is going on.  He loves to watch us play horseshoes.  He rarely misses a night of league play or tournament action.  Whenever he hears the clank of horseshoes, he tells his human Penny he wants to go to the courts.  She hooks him up in his leash and off they go.  When he gets to the courts, he wanders a bit and then he lays down for awhile and watches, while we play.  He always seems to enjoy the sport.   We always look forward to seeing him whenever we play.  Max is an English Mastiff and weighs in at a mere 185 pounds.   A great big lovable pooch who we love dearly.   Max, the horseshoe K-9. 

Max is sitting pretty on the court.  He wants to play too.  We should let him sometime and see how far he can pitch a horseshoe.  He sure is big enough to get it down there.  His human, Penny can play too.


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